Seneye are the developers and manufacturers of a new range of revolutionary aquarium and pond testing kits. Seneye recognised the importance of having to constantly monitoring your water quality which can not be achieved by using conventional testing kits.

The Seneye module allows it constantly monitors 24 hours a day different parameters within either your aquarium or pond and indicates when there is a problem and with the right accessories it allows you to monitor your water quality from your mobile phone!!

Seneye have brought out three models, the Seneye Reef for marine aquariums, Seneye Pond and Seney Home for your freshwater aquarium therefore there will be one which is suitable for aquatic owners.

At Joes aquatic world we are pleased stock a comprehensive range of Seneye products including the three testing kits, replacement Seneye slides and a full range of accessories all at great discounted prices. 

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