Why You Need a Reliable Pond Pump

If you want to keep fish in your garden pond then it is essential you purchase a water pump to ensure that the pond water remains circulated, oxygenated and healthy at all times. At Joe’s Aquatic World, we have a range of pond pumps to suit any budget, and our expert team can help with any of your questions. You will need your pump to be as reliable as possible as it will be needed to be operational all year round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,  if you want to keep your fish happy and healthy.

Oxygenating and Circulating the Water

Just because fish live underwater doesn’t mean they don’t breathe oxygen, all fish require the water they live in to be clean and oxygenated. Ponds without pumps aren’t always guaranteed to contain enough oxygen to sustain fish, especially when water temperatures are higher.

In warm summer temperatures, the oxygen levels in pond water are reduced, so it’s essential that you have either a good pond water pump or pond air pump to maintain the waters oxygen levels. If you see your fish coming up to the surface of the pond and gasping for air, this is one of the signs that the waters oxygen levels are too low.

In the winter, your pond will be liable to freeze over when the temperatures drop, and this may suffocate your fish if this happens. However, a well circulated pond can stop it from freezing over completely, ensuring your fish continue to receive the oxygen they need. The Oase Aquamax premium Pond Pump is one that is specifically designed to handle everything the British weather dishes out, so you can rely on it to keep on working all year round.

Filtering the Water

Another important job a pond pump performs is to supply water to be filtered; a pond filter filters out all of the suspended debris from pond water as well as growing colonies of beneficial to consume the ammonia produced by the fish. It will spoil the look of your pond if it isn’t efficiently filtered, so install a pond pump to ensure you can fully enjoy sitting around your pond on your garden furniture.

Algae strands called blanket weed can grow in ponds, if this left untreated is can block pond pumps and generally look unsightly, regular treating of pond water with products such as cloverleaf blanket answer will stop the growth of this algae and reduce time spent maintaining pond pumps and filters.

To find out more about our range of pond pumps, as well as the other products we stock, call our sales and advice line on 0844 3814514.

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