Tips When Choosing Submersible Fish-Pond Pumps

The introduction of a pond to your garden has many benefits; the most obvious is the enjoyment you will receive when watching your fish swim around. However, it’s important that when setting up your pond you choose the right accessories to keep it safe and clean. Here at Joes Aquatic World we specialise in providing an extensive range of products to help you create the perfect pond environment. We have a very experienced team who have unbeatable knowledge in all things aquatic related and are always on hand to offer practical advice and guidance. So whether you are looking for pond pumps, pond filters or pond liners, we are the team to call upon.

Pond pumps are a vital feature to include in any sized pond as they will oxygenate the pond water for your fish and supply water to your filter system to keep the ponds eco system balanced. If you don’t have a pond pump and filter in your pond, you will run the risk of distressing fish due to lack of oxygen, which could result in fish deaths.

A submersible pond pump is seen as being the most reliable and is the preferred choice for many fish keepers. This is because it is easy and simple to install, have lower running costs and are generally less expensive than other pump types. Also, as they are submersed they are less visible making the pond look more natural.

When looking for the right pump, you need to consider a number of factors to ensure you get the most out of your pond. Think about the size of your pond, the number of water outlets required and the flow volume of the water required, as this will determine the size and power of pump you need.

If you are thinking about installing a pond, you should also consider looking at various garden designs to determine the best location for your new feature.

Don’t hesitate to call upon the team here at Joes Aquatic World to see for yourself the range of pond pumps we have available. To find out more, feel free to browse our website today.

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