Seneye introduce their revolutionary new range of water monitors

At Joes Aquatic World we are pleased to be a premier dealer for Seneye and therefore are able stock their new range of water monitors and accessories all at discounted prices-

Seneye new water monitor comes in three different versions,  Seneye Home (freshwater aquariums), Seneye Pond (outdoor ponds) and Seneye Reef.

Each version comes with a small retangular sensing unit which constantly monitors, among other parameters, free ammonia (NH3), pH, water level, temperature, and Light levels (PAR, LUX and Kelvin) and because of its innovative software it can warn you if you have any problems in your set up before it is too late. 

SENEYE monitor:-

Free ammonia (NH3)*, pH*, Temperature, Water level monitor, Light Monitoring. LUX (lx)***, Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR)***, Kelvin (K)***

Features of Seneye Monitor includes

Automatically tests multiple life critical parameters

Works with all aquariums: cold water, tropical and marine

Easy to install simply drop in

Constantly watching aquarium or pond with 5600 readings per month

Customisable alerts, directly to email and SMS**

Upload results and gets straightforward advice*+Connect to a computer or optional power adapter

The device is available with a wired USB connection or you can add an optional USB power adaptor which will work autonomously.

Easy to understand feedback is created on the device using indicator lights.

The results are displayed on the customers computer and also online, allowing for remote monitoring.

So why not do away with all your different test strips and bottles and treat yourself to Seneye new monitoring system at Joes Aquatic World by pressing on this link

* requires consumable slide which last for 1 month and makes nearly 3000 readings each month.

**some features only available with Seneye+ one free month included in the pack thereafter you will need to pay a subscription directly with Seneye.

** *Seneye Reef Monitor only

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