Pond plant what fertalisers soils and accessories to use.

Aquatic shops are beginning to get their first deliveries of pond plants including marginals and lillies of the season.

Although the weather is beginning to warm up and its getting near to the time to start thinking about decorating your pond or garden with plants.

Here’s some simple steps to get the most out of your new plants.

First thing to make sure is that you use an aquatic soil when having to bed in a new plants, a good quality aquatic soils such as Velda VT Aquatic Pond Plant Soil 10 Ltrs

You may also need to place your plant into a planting basket there are many different shapes and sizes that you can use. Here is a selection of what we have and do not forget to line the baskets to stop the soil from leaching in to the pond.


Instead of using a traditional basket there are plenty of alternatives such as the Laguna Floating basket to find out more click here

Once you have the plants in place its important too keep your plants feed to help them grow and stay healthy.

Using water and the sun can often not be enough ideally you should also be using a good quality plant growth food such as Velda Growth Balls for Pond Plants and API Pond Aquatic Plant Tabs these are two great  plant food products which we are delighted to have on sale.

If you follow these important steps we are confident that your plants will have the best start in life in their new pond/ garden.

If you have any specific questions about your pond plants or any other products we have on offer please ‘Contact us by email’ or telephone us on 0844 3814514 or give us a call and one of experienced members of staff will be pleased to help you.




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