How to treat Blanket Weed in your Pond

How to Treat Blanket Weed in your Pond

Blanket weed is a long thin filamentous algae which unlike algae the kind of algae which suspends in the pond water and causes your pond water to become like pea soup blanket weed can not treated using a UV clarifier.

Like other forms of algae blanket weed thrives in sunlight and shallow running water so is often found in water falls and unshaded pond areas.

Blanket weed obviously looks very unsightly but can also cause problems for both your pond pump and filter system.

Fortunately by following a few simple steps you can help prevent Blanket weed from taking control of your pond and even if your pond has been effected by it there are a number of treatments available to help you get rid of it.

When building your pond, if possible, look to build it in an area which is partly shaded this will discourage both blanket weed and algae. If this is not possible then consider using aquatic plants in the pool thus shading the water from the sunlight which encourages the growth of blanket weed.

If you have an established pond, then the use of barley straw or barley abstract can help prevent blanket weed.  Scientific studies have shown that as the barley straw decays it releases small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide which kills the algae. It can be used all year round and will not harm other plants or fish in your pond.

Blanket weed can also be encouraged to grow if there are traces of ammonia in the water, so we would recommend that you test your water to make sure the levels of ammonia are nill. It is always good practice to test your water because any signs of ammonia can be extremely harmful to your fish. You can either have you water tested at your local aquatic shop or alternatively use your own pond test kit.

If there is blanket weed already in your pond then there are a number of very effective blanket weed treatments available from leading brands such as Cloverleaf, Evolution Aqua and Nishikoi. These treatments are all effective at eradicating Blanketweed but continued maintenance of your pond will help prevent it coming back.

Finally do not be encouraged to change your water as this will only provide a short term gain but in the long term could lead to more problems.

Also do not confuse algae which cause your water to turn green and blanket weed as being the same thing they both need to be treated differently to get rid of green water the best way to get rid of this is to install a UV Clarifier and use green water treatments.

If you need any further information or advise on who to get rid of blanketweed please do not hesitate to contact one of experienced members of staff.


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