How to calculate what size pond liner you need

So you have dug the hole for your pond the next step is to buy your liner, but how do you caculate what size liner.

At Joe’s Aquatic World we use the following forumla when advising our customer what size pond liner they require:-

Liner Width= Max Width + (2 x max depth) + 1m (for overlap)

Liner Length = Max Length + (2 x max depth) + 1m (for overlap)

To help you out heres an example

Your hole is 5m long by 3m width by 1.5m deep

Pond liner length = 5 +3 (2x max depth) +1m over lap = 9 metres liner length

Pond liner width = 3+3+1 = 7 metres liner width

Therefore in this example you need a pond liner which is 8 metres x 7 metres

So know you know what size liner you need why not browse our range of liners all at discounted prices today.

If you need one of our experienced members of staff to help you calculate your pond liners ‘Contact us’ today

Once you have have installed your pond you will need to start looking at Pond Filters and Pond Pumps at Joes Aquatic World we have a large selection of pond equipment all at fantastic prices.

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