Fluval release their new range of canister filters

Hagen are always continually updating their products and therefore it is no surprise that they have now updated their extremely popular range of ’05 external canister filters.

Although the look of the filter is not dissimilar to the previous range however when you take a closer look begin to note the subtle but important differences such as the increased flow from the newly designed impellor and it appears to be quieter than the older models.

The whole unit appears to be more robust with more sturdy primer handles which gives you more confidence when priming the unit and heftier clips which fasten the unit together.

So it looks like Hagen have done it again not only have they been able to provide improvements to their already great external filters but also at Joes Aquatic World we have been able to offer these at fantastic value to our customers

Other Features of the new range of canister filters include

Multi stage canister filter with foam filtration and media baskets the number of which depends on what model you choose.
Easy to Start
A re-engineered priming mechanism makes starting the filter easy and quick.

Whisper Quiet
A fully redesigned impeller and impeller cover uses ceramic technology for practically silent running.

Easy to Maintain
The patented Aqua-Stop system effortlessly stops water flow with no mess or leaks and the new, strengthened lift-lock handles allow easy access inside the filter. Quick-change mechanical foam media is easy to remove and the new Bio Foam media supplied creates additional space for beneficial bacteria to breed.

For more information see http://www.joesaquaticworld.co.uk/index.php/tropical-aquariums/aquarium-filteration-equipment/aquarium-external-filters.html

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