Arcadia release two ranges of LED light units

As we all know the advances on in Aquarium lighting has come on leaps and bounds over recent years and the advances in Aquarium LED lighting have been phenomenal.

Gone are the large T8 expensive power hungry light units which are now being increasingly replaced by lightweight, slim, affordable LED units which are now capable of creating fantastic lighting with exceptional low running costs.

Arcadia, who have always been at the for front of aquarium lighting have bought to the market two new ranges of affordable Marine Aquarium LED light units.

Firstly the  Arcadia Classica Marine Stretch LED Light Units which clearly combines innovation with a functional design. The Stretch LED light unit is a very low profile LED unit (only 14mm high) in which the legs extends outwards which makes it one of the most flexible units on the market.

Arcadia Classica Marine Stretch LED Light Unit


The units utilise a mix of 1.5w at 12,000k, RGB and 0.24w Actinc Blue LED providing superior full colour aquarium spectrum rending for marine livestock.

The lighting unit comes with a controller with a dual channel light mode recreates daylight and moonlight conditions for more natural day light.

This is a fantastic LED lighting unit which is affordable to most and would make a great upgrade or retro fit to any marine aquarium.

If, however, you are looking for something a little more special and which has greater control you do not need to look any further than Arcardia Classic OTL (over tank luminar) LED light unit.

Arcadia Marine OTL LED Light Unit

It has the benefits of a state of the art digital control system that runs 4 separate channels, this allows the fish keeper to choose the intensity of overall light and program in dusk till dawn patterns.

In terms of LED mix the Arcadia Classica Marine OTL LED Light Unit comes as standard with a mix of 1.5W and 10W LED cells that have been professionally lensed to direct light into the water where it is needed most. The marine version  uses a mix of RGB, Deep Blue and a true 14,000K. In terms of light per watt this unit is super-efficient!

So whether you go for the Arcadia Classica Stretch or Arcadia Classica OTL LED unit we know that you will not be disappointed with the build quality and efficiency of either unit.

At Joes Aquatic World we have a great range of freshwater and Marine Aquarium LED Lighting from leading manufacturers including Arcadia and Wavepoint. So why not have a look around as we know that you will not be disappointed.


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