6 steps to building your own garden pond

Garden PondsOver the next few weeks, we will be discussing and outlining the 6 steps to building your own garden pond. To ensure you end up building a sustainable long lasing pond it is essential that you follow all these steps in order.

Step 1 – Find the Right Space in Your Garden and Plan Carefully
This is the first step and can be one of the most important parts of building your garden pond. When selecting where your garden pond should go in your garden you need to consider the following.

Do I have enough space?
Essentially obvious questions, which you have already probably asked yourself, but have you considered if you would have enough space in the future for extensions on the pond? Have you made sure that you will have enough space around the whole pond to navigate around it and do maintenance on it if required? Have you considered the cost involved in building the size of pond that you are planning? Can you afford it?
It is essential that you ask yourself all these questions and do some research before moving on to later steps to evade later problems or disappointment.
You also need to consider at this point what kind of pond fish you will have in your pond and the size and amount of them. Some pond fish require more space to roam if they are to stay healthy. It would be a good time before moving on to next steps to pop in to your local aquatic shop or do some research on the internet.

What is the best area for the pond to go?
You need to put a fair bit of thought into this one. You should avoid selecting an area, which is low or boggy as areas like this in your garden will have drainage from your own garden and possibly even your neighbour’s garden too.
Find a spot, which allows you to enjoy viewing your pond. There is not much point putting your pond in an area of the garden, which nobody can see, or one, which you cannot see from your window!  Make sure you get some feedback from others on this one to help you make a better decision.
The final consideration for the best area for your garden pond is pond plants. Some aquatic pond plants require sunlight on a regular basis to stay healthy. For an example lilies require around 5 hours sunlight per day for them to stay health and grow, the last thing you want is a pond full of dead plants!

Is the land suitable?
It is actually quite easy to test if your land is suitable for a garden pond. To test simply dig a small hole and fill it full of water. The longer it takes the ground to drain the water the better. If the water is drained very quickly don’t worry it’s not the end of the world we can still build your garden pond we just need to take some extra steps before moving on to step 2. If the water drains very quickly in the land test then all you need to do is lay a layer of sand in your dug hole to stop all your water draining should you have any small leaks in your pond at a later stage.

Now that you have successfully worked through step 1 of building your own garden pond, you are ready to move on to step 2.

Step 2 of building your own garden pond will be available to read here next week so keep checking back for updates! If you would prefer to receive the whole series of ‘Building Your Own Pond Garden’ by email then why not sign up below to our free ‘Aquarium Master’ newsletter below to receive this and more in depth tutorials on all things aquarium.

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