biOrb was developed to have the visual appeal of a traditional gold fish bowl combined with the filtration of an technologically advanced aquarium. The original biOrb 30 was launched in 1999. Since then the classic shape has been developed  into a range of sizes to suit all homes and pockets. 

All biOrbs use Reef One patented filtration system. Circular water flow means there are not any ‘dead spots’ in a biOrb Classic aquarium.

The new addition to the BiOrb family is the BiOrb HALO which are supplied as coldwater aquariums suitable for fancy goldfish or small temperate fish. Tropical fish can be kept with the addition of a biOrb Heater Pack or biOrb Intelligent Heater.

If you're looking for a high performance aquarium that looks like nothing else, then choose biOrb HALO.

We also stock a large range of BiOrb spares and accessories to help you decorate and maintain your tank.

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