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Joes Aquatic World offers a wide range of Freshwater Aquarium Supplies. Whether you need filtration equipment, air pumps, or lighting equipment, we have everything you will need to tend to your freshwater fish.

We also have a large selection of equipment to help you decorate your freshwater tank, from colourful and natural sands and gravels, to tank backgrounds and tank ornaments. its critical to keep your freshwater fish in the correct environment, so we carry all you need to maintain the habitat of your freshwater fish, including reverse osmosis equipment & water purifiers.

We stock the products of a variety of suppliers in order to cater for all tastes and budgets. In addition to equipment and accessories, we also carry a selection of reference books to help beginner, novice, and expert fish owners keep their freshwater fish health and happy!

Browse our range of Freshwater Aquarium products below.